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Blackjack Player Arrested for Leaving Her Children Unattended Outside Casino

January 19th, 2012 by Site Admin

In what seems to be becoming a disturbing trend with the land based casino industry in the US, blackjack players are becoming increasingly negligent with their children. A recent news report revealed yet another blackjack player who had left her kids behind while stepping into a casino for a few rounds of blackjack.

Katrular Buchanon, an amateur blackjack player from Louisiana, was arrested on charges of desertion as she left her three children unattended while she went in to a casino to have a good time. Buchanon left her two sons aged 4 and 7 in a park near to the casino where they played by themselves. Her third son, aged 9 was left in the backseat of her car while she was at the casino.

All 3 children were her foster children put under her care. The casino in question was the Treasure Chest casino.

The blackjack player was observed by a passerby as she dropped off the 2 younger boys at the park and then left the 3rd child in the car. Even if Buchanon intended on playing a few hands, she ended up staying for 45 minutes at the Treasure Chest casino, while the boys lacked coats and were exposed to the cold 53 degree weather.

As of now, the children are in the custody of state Office of Child Services.

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