Super 21 Blackjack

Super 21 is a great way to learn the casino blackjack game Super Fun 21. The free blackjack game above may be found at Red Cherry casino. Players outside the U.S. may play it. U.S. players can find the exact game at Bovada.

Super 21 Rules

Super 21 spreads several rules that make it different than traditional blackjack games. That is why it is a good idea to try it for free before making a deposit.

Super 21 is dealt with eight decks that are reshuffled after each hand. It is the same as playing a continuous shuffle machine at a live casino.

You win automatically on a blackjack, even if the dealer is also dealt one. Natural blackjacks pay even money, except suited diamonds, which pay 2-1. Double down on any number of cards is allowed. If you do not like the card that you draw on a double down then you can surrender the double down amount and fold the hand. In fact, you can surrender whenever you want.

All pairs may be split up to four hands. Double down after splitting is permitted, even on aces. Split aces may also be hit. Most blackjack games only allow one card on split aces.

There is a six-card Charlie, meaning that if you hit six cards and do not bust, you win instantly. If you make a five or more card 21 you will automatically win twice your bet. The dealer hits a soft 17 in Super 21.

How to Play Super Fun 21 Online

Free Super 21 starts out with $1,000 in chips. You may bet $1-$100. If you run out of chip you can simply reload the page. The best part about this version is you do not have to make an account or download anything. You can play privately without giving any personal information.

Click on a chip denomination to get the hand started. When you are ready to play, hit deal. Once the hand ends you can hit rebet to wager the same amount or click on the chips to bet more or less.

Super 21 Actions

Stand – When you are satisfied with your point total and do not want any more cards then you stand. This option is available at any time before going over 21. You should never stand on a count under 12 that does not include an ace.

Hit – If you would like to draw a card with the option of taking an additional card, then you should hit. It is the opposite of stand.

Double Down – Taking one card and only one card. A double down requires the original bet to be matched. In Super 21, a double down hand that receives an undesirable card may surrender. This would forfeit the matched double down portion and fold the hand. The original bet is returned to the player in this double down surrender scenario.

Split – Any pair may be split. Any split pair may be doubled down, including aces. All hands may be split after hitting in Super 21, including aces.

Surrender – Giving up half of the wager and folding.

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