Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack side bets are a way to win big on a single hand. Many online and live blackjack tables offer a side bet. These are always optional. Players that prefer to play only the standard blackjack game may do so without any penalty. Some blackjack side bets may only be found at online casinos, while others are found in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Online Blackjack Side Bets

These are some of the blackjack side bets that may be found at online casinos. The software platform is included next to the bet’s name. The minimum bet for online blackjack side bets is usually $1.

Mega Match – IGT

Players making the Mega Match bet hope to receive two suited cards. A suited king and queen can bring on the jackpot.

• First two cards suited: 2-1

• Suited king and queen: 50-1

• Suited king and queen with dealer suited king and queen: 5,000-1

Blackjack Attack – IGT

• Any dealt natural blackjack: 18-1

Cash Queens – IGT

Players win this bet by making 20 on the first two cards. An ace and a nine qualify as a 20.

• Any 20: 2-1

• Suited 20: 5-1

• Ranked 20 (pair of tens, jacks or kings): 10-1

• Pair of queens: 50-1

• Pair of queens with dealer blackjack: 500-1

Crazy Sevens – IGT

Sevens are usually bad cards in blackjack. The Crazy Sevens side bet can turn a bad starting hand into a jackpot.

• Seven on first dealt card: 5-1

• First two cards unsuited sevens: 25-1

• First two cards suited sevens: 150-1

• 21 with three unsuited sevens: 500-1

• 21 with three suited sevens: 2,000-1

Pair Play – IGT

• Any pair: 12-1

Perfect Pairs – Real Time Gaming/Playtech

• Black/red pair: 6-1

• Same colored pair: 12-1

• Suited pair: 25-1

High Streak Blackjack – Microgaming

Win two or more hands in a row and watch the chips fly your direction. If you continue to bet the High Streak wager then you will hit multiple side bets on each winning hand.

• Two wins in a row: 1-1

• Three wins in a row: 2-1

• Four wins in a row: 5-1

• Five wins in a row: 10-1

Super Match Blackjack Switch – Playtech

This side bet is only available at Blackjack Switch. It grades the first four cards dealt between the player’s two hands.

• Any pair: 1-1

• Three of a kind: 5-1

• Two pair: 8-1

• Four of a kind: 40-1

Progressive Blackjack – Playtech

Playtech casinos offer a progressive based on getting dealt aces. Four suited aces win the massive jackpot.

• First card ace: 5-1

• Two unsuited aces: 50-1

• Two suited aces: 100-1

• Three unsuited aces: 250-1

• Four mixed black/red aces: 2,500-1

• Three suited aces: 5,000-1

• Four black or red aces: 10% of progressive jackpot

• Four suited aces: 100% of progressive jackpot

Las Vegas Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack games in Las Vegas also spread side bets. These may be found at live tables and video versions of the game. The minimum side bet is usually equal to the blackjack minimum bet. This will often be at least $10 and may be $25 or more.

Bet the Set – Six Decks

Bet the Set is the most popular side bet at Las Vegas casinos. The bet wins if the player starts with any pair. The pay table changes depending on the number of decks.

• Any pair: 10-1

• Suited pair: 15-1

Bet the Set – Two Decks

• Any pair: 10-1

• Suited pair: 25-1

Bet the Set – Single Deck

• Any pair: 15-1

Royal Match

The Royal Match side bet is typically found on Shuffle Master video blackjack machines.

• Any two suited cards: 5-2

• Suited king and queen: 25-1

• Player and dealer with suited king and queen: 1,000-1


This bet combines the player’s first two cards with the dealer’s door card to make a three card hand. It is popular at Caesars Entertainment casinos. It may also be found in downtown Las Vegas at The D and Golden Gate.

• Straight flush: 9-1

• Three of a kind: 9-1

• Straight: 9-1

• Flush: 9-1

Buster Blackjack

A player making this bet has another reason to cheer for a dealer bust. It pays based on the number of cards a dealer needs to bust.

• Dealer busts on three or four cards: 2-1

• Busts on five cards: 4-1

• Busts on six cards: 12-1

• Busts on seven cards: 50-1

• Busts on eight or more cards: 250-1 Copyright © 2024  All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer