European Blackjack

Many players want to get a feel for playing online blackjack for free before making a deposit. We completely understand that. Online blackjack can be different than playing live. For that reason, we have provided free blackjack that may be played directly in your browser. No download or sign up is required.

You will start out with $500 in play money. You may bet up to five hands at a time. Simply choose the chip denomination you wish to use and click on a betting circle in each spot where you would like to receive a hand. We prefer to play all five hands at a time but you can play just one or anything in between.

Once you have decided on the amount to wager and the number of hands, click deal and the cards will come out. You may double on any two cards and after splitting. Pairs may be split up to four times, except aces, which receive just one card on each. The dealer stays on all 17’s.

Blackjack Button Functions

Hit – Draw one additional card. You may hit until you bust or choose to stand.

Stand – Stay with the current hand.

Double Down – Double the original bet and receive just one card. This card must be kept and no additional cards may be drawn.

Split – Turning a pair into two separate hands. Pairs may be split up to three times into four hands. This requires matching the original wager. Double down after splitting is allowed. Aces may not be re-split, hit or doubled.

European Blackjack Hole Card Rules

This game plays by European hole card rules. That means the dealer does not get the down card until after you have acted. This can change the strategy. For example, you should not split or double against a ten or ace because the dealer could make a blackjack and then take both of your bets.

If you do not like this European rule then there are other free blackjack games offered at with the American hole card rule that place the dealer’s second card down before the player acts. Most blackjack games available at online casinos use the American hole card rule.

Dealing Another Hand

It is simple to go from one hand to the next. The software has a button that will rebet and immediately deal, all in one click. There is also a rebet button that will place the same bets on the table and give you an opportunity to add to it before getting new cards.

Blackjack Settings

There are four settings in the European Blackjack free play software that allow you to control the flow of the game. You can stop the dealer from asking if you would like insurance. You can also turn off warnings about hitting, doubling down or standing against basic strategy.

There is also an auto bet system. You can tell the software when and by how much you want to press your winning bets. This will prevent you from deviating too far from your betting system. There is also a strategy card built right into the software. You can double check what the right play is for the hand or try something different to test the results. You can even make the software play the hand for you based on the strategy that you programmed. That will keep you from ever making a mistake, unless you intentionally program it to do so.

Note About Web Blackjack Version

The web-based blackjack software is not for everyone. Online casinos all offer the game in a downloadable version that is faster and offers more options. Use this Flash version to get used to playing the game. If you decide that you want to play for real money you can download the full platform.

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