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Akalin Releases Blackjack Game Combined With Physics

January 11th, 2012 by Site Admin

Batuhan Akalin recently announced the release of a new blackjack game with a difference. While other blackjack games tend to combine casino games in order to produce a new variant, the new Physics 21 HD combines blackjack and physics.

In this game, the blackjack cards have had the concept of gravity incorporated into their set up. For instance, the game has a card placed at the top of the screen and requires the player to touch it or flick it to have it drop into one of 3 buckets or slots below. Depending on the bucket, players will get points accordingly as per the number of cards they have managed to secure in the buckets. This is the element of physics in the Physics 21 HD game.

The concept of blackjack is implemented into the game as well and Physics 21 HD requires players to get a score of 21 points in any one bucket to win. There is no dealer to bust and the objective is very straightforward.

If you should secure 21 or a blackjack, you will become eligible for a bonus spinner game that will allow you to win more points as well as give you more time to finish the game. There is another bonus to be won as well.

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