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Barona Gets Nine More G3 Bad Beat Blackjack Progressives

June 28th, 2011 by Site Admin

DEQ, a leading provider gaming entertainment, recently announced that the Barona Resort and Casino is now offerings gamers twenty G3 enabled Bad Beat Blackjack Progressives after having recently added nine more of these G3 progressives on their blackjack tables.

Michael Patterson, who is the vice president of table games at Barona Resort and Casino, praised DEQ for playing a huge role in transforming their table games at Barona since the progressive technology makes the games more exciting and hence more appealing to the customers.

Barona was the first casino to launch the G3 progressive bonus technology in the United States and it was a great success since it gave players a chance to win something even if they were losing their hand to the dealer in blackjack. The Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive allows players to cash in on a side bet when the dealer beats their 20 with any 21. Players just have to place an additional side bet of $1-$5 while playing.

Earle G. Hall, the President and CEO of DEQ, stated that they have more than 40 products at Barona and hence are proud to be associated with the most player centric, innovative and updated casino that runs on recent technology. Barona creates a great customer experience, and it has helped promote G3 by offering it on such a huge platform to its customers.

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