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Online Blackjack Casinos Triumph Over Brick and Mortar Blackjack Parlors

June 30th, 2011 by Site Admin

There has always been a raging battle between blackjack games that take place between brick and mortar casinos and online blackjack casinos. The debate over which is better seems to be getting settled as reports indicate that online blackjack may just be gaining the upper hand and becoming more popular with players.

Traditional blackjack games offer players all the glitter and excitement of the brick and mortar casinos while online blackjack offers convenience, variety, easy access and affordability. There are more forms of blackjack games available online than in regular casinos.

Online blackjack is also generally played at smaller stakes. Online blackjack players can try their hand at blackjack with a small stake of $0.01, and this is because it is easier to set up several tables online since costs the traditional casinos a lot more to increase their betting tables.

Since online casinos offer the smallest of stakes their offer is limited up to $10000 to their members, whereas at brick and mortar casinos, the blackjack games can go up to very high prizes – with equally high buy-ins. The best thing about online casinos is the convenience of playing the games in the comfort of the player’s home. While playing at a brick and mortar casino has its additional costs of staying at hotels, buying food and is also time consuming in terms of cashing into chips. And when there are no seats players find it uncomfortable to be playing at a casino, while online tables are never full.

Brick and mortar blackjack players get the chance to play alongside celebrities at times, sharing the fun and the atmosphere at the same time, but this is a rare perk usually available to high rollers. Online blackjack casinos on the other hand are far more popular with the average player as its offers various bonuses to its players.

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