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Latest on Seminole/Florida Blackjack Dispute

February 10th, 2016 by Site Admin

The past few weeks have seen some major developments in the dispute between the Seminole Indian tribe and the State of Florida regarding their blackjack dispute, with the tribe and Governor Rick Scott coming to an agreement, but the deal languishing in the house.

The Seminoles and Florida originally had an agreement that lasted from 2010 to 2015 that gave the tribe the rights to offer blackjack in their casinos. That agreement ran out last year, and the state and Seminoles were at a stalemate until January.

Governor Scott and the tribe came to a 7 year, $3 billion deal last month that continues to see the Seminoles holding exclusive rights to blackjack, but expands the offering to other casino games as well, including roulette. The deal has been met with praise and criticism among the state’s politicians, although many disagreements are politically motivated.

This week, the State House voted to approve of the compact deal, sending the vote to the Senate where the matter was shelved for a week, as Senator Rob Bradley says he wants to take the time to review the deal and various amendments that have been added before making a decision.

The Seminoles say that if the agreement is passed, they will plan on putting together a huge $1.8 billion expansion of its Hard Rock Casino, employing 4,867 full-time employees and 14,585 construction jobs, but say that if the deal gets blocked, 3,500 people may lose their jobs.

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