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CDC to Host Webinar Aimed at Fighting Advantage Players

February 25th, 2016 by Site Admin

Gaming consulting firm CDC has announced that they are holding a webinar for industry insiders to help identify and fight advantage blackjack players.

The seminar is being offered online and will take place April 28th at 1pm EST. The event was unveiled via an email to industry insiders, with the following copy:

“Advantage players cost casinos millions of dollars annually.In this webinar you and/or your employees will learn the latest blackjack advantage play methods, how to recognize players using those methods and how to protect your games from players using these methods.”

The webinar will be aimed at casino management, security, and table management, save for dealers. Tactics discussed will include edge sorting, first-carding, card steering, card location, hole-carding shoe games, and pitch games.

Those techniques will be taught by Eliot Jacobson, who is a mathematician who serves as an industry consultant to casinos.

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