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Cubs Take to Blackjack Table After Game

October 9th, 2017 by Site Admin

After clinching their spot in the MLB postseason, the Chicago Cubs took to the blackjack tables, although a lot of the team didn’t end up faring as well as they did on the field.

The team took to the casino in St. Louis after they clinched the NL Central against the Cardinals. After taking part in the customary champagne celebration, the team hit the felt, although their luck didn’t carry over.

Right handed pitcher Jake Arrieta said that the team ended up taking over a few tables at the local casino, and that they lost a lot of money back to the house. “Rizzo owes KB (Kris Bryant) money. KB was kind of the bank last night. I think Rizzo had a tough one. He owes me some money. We’re going to have to settle our debts once we get to the field,” Arietta said.

The Chicago Cubs ended their 108 World Series drought last year, finally taking home the World Series title that’s eluded them. The team currently has the fourth-best odds to win it all again this year among remaining teams at +700 according to Bovada.

Source: CBS

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