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New Blackjack RPG ‘Battlejack’ is Launched

August 24th, 2017 by Site Admin

This week a new RPG blackjack game launched on both Android and iOS, as Battlejack hit the streets.

The game takes and blends the two genres of game together, as players go on an adventure to fight various monsters using elements such as water, wind, fire, and ice. Players defeat enemies by playing blackjack hands and then using the number to attack monsters.

The game also lets players create and evolve different characters in the game. The game also manages to mix in a series of different worlds and a simple story to advance through.

While the game doesn’t involve any gambling for real money, it still is a bit of fun for when you’re out on the road. The game does manage to implement micro transactions to purchase creatures and other goodies.

The game is available for play now on appropriate devices.

Source: Kotaku

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