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Florida Chamber of Commerce Backs Seminoles in Blackjack Dispute

January 14th, 2016 by Site Admin

This past week the Florida Chamber of Commerce announced that it is backing the Seminole Indian tribe in its dispute with the state government over the exclusive right to offer blackjack in land casinos within the Sunshine State.

The trade group announced its support in a statement this week while also releasing a survey that revealed 75% of those polled support the Seminoles in the dispute, noting that they feel the blackjack deal has been beneficial for all parties involved.

The state of Florida and Seminole tribe were in a compact until July of last year that allowed the Seminoles to have the exclusive rights to offer blackjack and other shoe based games in Florida in exchange for millions of dollars every year. The deal expired and a dispute came about because the state had begun allowing other casinos the chance to offer electronic blackjack games. The two parties have been locked in negotiations since, and a proposed agreement would see the Seminoles getting exclusive rights to the games for more than a billion dollars.

The new agreement would also allow for the addition of craps and roulette tables to casino floors.

A press release put out by the Florida Chamber of Commerce on the matter read: “After hearing the details of the (new) proposal, three-fourths of voters in Florida believe the Legislature should approve of the new 20-year Compact. This clearly indicates that as voters become more educated as to what is included in this new Compact, public support should increase.”

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