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Man Wins $15 Million From Blackjack

March 25th, 2013 by Site Admin

How would you feel if you woke up today and know that you have a cool $15 million to spend? That is the feeling that Don Johnson, the man who beat not one, not two, but THREE casinos at blackjack is currently experiencing. Talk about having more money than you can spend.
In a recent interview with a major magazine, Don reveals that all the games he had played did not involve him cheating in any form. He explains that he did gain somewhat favorable conditions in his blackjack gameplay that enabled him to achieve the $15 million benchmark in a span of just 5 months.
Don netted $4 million from Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, $5 million from the Borgata and a whopping $6 million from the Tropicana. Needless to say, these establishments would rather not see Don walking through their doors anytime soon. This is not new to Don, as his superior ability in playing Blackjack has already left him kicked out of some casinos and downright banned because he was simply winning too much.
He is currently the chief executive officer of Heritage Development LLC. His company develops wagering systems on horseracing, which are entirely computer-based.

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