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Blackjack Players Can Soon Start To Use Neteller Again

March 26th, 2013 by Site Admin

Optimal payments which earlier operated under the name of Neteller has decided to re-enter the American market. The company had built itself a strong reputation in the nation and was one of the prominent payment processing providers until 2006, when it had to wind up its operations due to the strict anti-gambling stance in the US and also due to the large fine that was imposed, rendering a shutdown of all further operations.

However, during the last decade the company has concentrated on Europe and Asia and established a strong presence. Optimal Payments have expanded its operations mainly because of Netbanx, its online transaction processing business and Neteller, the e-wallet provider.

In a statement to FT, Optimal CEO Joel Leonoff remarked on company prospects by saying “We have great growth in all facets of our business” and that statement can be backed up by the numbers which show that 2012 revenues have increased by nearly 40% to USD 179 million.

A recent announcement confirms that Optimal has started to re-launch its operations in America by entering into an agreement with the online division of Caesars Entertainment – Nevada and has plans to expand into other states where blackjack and online gambling are legal. This means that if things go per plan, all online poker and blackjack players will soon have access to Neteller right from the start.

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