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Microgaming Launches Blackjack Teaching App

March 22nd, 2013 by Site Admin

Blackjack is a card game, which has always been an all-time favorite amongst both seasoned and newbie gamblers. Now that it has become available online, more and more players are taking part in the fun. Microgaming, an online casino software provider, came up with a revolutionary application that will teach aspiring blackjack players the proper way to play the game.

The app is designed to provide players information regarding what skills are required to become an expert in the game of blackjack. Named as Bronzebeard Blackjack, the app teaches the players about the rules of the game in a different way that is unique to the Microgaming team.

This is an extremely entertaining app that is free for players. It has more than 60 animations that are all in 3D, which will provide players a one of a kind experience when it comes to learning the game. Its name, Bronzebeard, was actually taken from the Great Galaxy Grab, one of Microgaming’s popular video slot games.

This app is compatible with both Xbox and Microsoft Windows 8.0. It also works with older Windows Phone systems and will soon be available for download on Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Windows 8.0. Players simply need to download the application at the Microsoft Windows Phone Store and once done, there is no more need for connectivity to the Internet to play the game.

This is the first time Microgaming has created this type of app since they have only produced mobile casino and online games in the past.

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