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A Horse, A Dog and Michael Gaughan Play Blackjack Together

November 6th, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack games are getting more interesting everyday and casinos and blackjack online sites seem to be coming up with several unique ways of promoting their enterprise.

One of the most innovative and unusual stunts to be pulled at a blackjack game recently took place at the South Point Casino. The owner of the South Point Casino, Michael Gaughan sat down for a blackjack game and photo session with two of the strangest players to ever grace a blackjack table – King the Dalmatian and Elite a horse.

King, was extremely intelligent for his stature and seemed to be winning the game while Elite, quite naturally towered over the rest of his opponents. Elite is a Budweiser Clydesdale and was present at the casino with his handler.

A lot of beer was also served to the players, who used extra large playing cards to make it convenient for the four legged players at the table. The owner, Michael Gaughan was very amused by the game and laughed while he helped escort King and Elite to the blackjack pit.

A photographer captured pictures of the three together while the game was monitored by Ryan Growney, the General Manager of the South Point Casino. Growney ensured that there was no monkey business taking place at the table.

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