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Poker Pro Phil Ivey Is Also A Blackjack Player

October 30th, 2012 by Site Admin

American professional poker player Phil Ivey and English professional poker player Ram Vaswani settled their golf bet dispute worth $900k recently.

Regarding Ivey’s latest troubles with Crockfords, Vaswan commented that the American professional poker player enjoys playing high stakes baccarat and blackjack, adding that it is not unusual for Ivey to bet huge amounts in a game of Punto Banco.

Neither Crockfords nor Ivey nor their legal representatives have commented on the allegations of cheating made by Crockfords.

In 2007, a group of four professional poker players, including Vaswani and Ivey, played golf for $20k per hole, and as the game progressed, the stakes were raised to $50k per hole. Although Vaswani lost the game to Phil Ivey, he refused to pay Ivey, stating that the bet was invalid.

Vaswani also claimed that the assigned handicaps were unfair and that Ivey had not given him the correct information about his golf skills. Ivey, however, insisted that he had clearly told Vaswani about his previous golfing experience and skills.

After settling the dispute yesterday, Vaswani told reporters that the matter is now settled, but did not reveal the finer details of the settlement. According to the newspapers, Vaswani had paid part of the amount he owed Ivey.

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