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Dean Heller: Political Brinkmanship Should Have no Place in Online Gaming

November 7th, 2012 by Site Admin

Nevada Senator Dean Heller said that the United States needs to keep political sentiments out of online gaming discussions. Heller said that the bill is essential to the future of his state’s economy.

He argues that clashes between both parties are likely to reduce the chances of an online poker bill making its way to the president’s desk. The constant debate between democrats and republicans also lessens the likelihood that a bill will be passed that either party will favor.

Heller seems resigned to the fact that a high degree of tension between both parties will be inevitable during an election year. Therefore, he recommends that Congress waits until after the election to resume discussions on an online gaming bill.

Heller admits that he is going to have a hard time focusing on passing an online gaming bill while fighting to retain his seat in the Senate. He is certain that the bill will eventually be passed.

However, Heller believes there is no chance of the bill passing this session. The bill will need to receive the 10-15 Republican votes needed if it is to pass. Some Republicans such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have repeatedly changed their position on online gaming in recent months. Other Republican senators appear to be leaning towards online gaming legislation, but they are still on the fence. Heller feels that moving forward with a bill to legalize online gaming would be too risky when so many politicians are worried about securing their seats during the upcoming election.

Heller said that he expects to work closely with democrat senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after the election to pass the bill that he expects to legalize online gaming.

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