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UK Journal Picks WDM Human Blackjack Game as Digital Campaign of the Week

January 6th, 2011 by Site Admin

Third Sector, a reputed journal in the United Kingdom that focuses on charity enterprises and social organizations, recently picked the World Development Movement (WDM) human blackjack game to be the digital campaign of the week.

Third Sector is considered to be one of the top publications of its kind in the UK and has a record of over 80,000 readers. The journal appears to be happy with their choice of the blackjack game and claimed that it was the ideal game to convey a difficult message. “The subject area of the campaign is a difficult one to convey…However, WDM has taken a fun and interactive approach to drive home its message, meaning it is less complex and more engaging…” This is a fun online blackjack game and lets players decide if they want to be Judith Atieno a Kenyan lady, a Goldman Sachs Banker or President Barack Obama. According to their choice of character, each player has a set of options based on the character’s personal stake in the game. The blackjack players will have to decide whether to allow or stop new European laws about food speculation.

Eventually, the character of George Osborne, who is the Chancellor of the Exchequer will preside over the decision making and come to a conclusion on what is to be done based on whether the online blackjack player wins or loses the game.

The game is a standard blackjack game and requires participants to begin with £100, from which they should pace wagers, the minimum wager allowed is £1 and the maximum is £100.

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