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Atlantic City Casino Fined $20,000

January 4th, 2011 by Site Admin

The reputed Caesars’ owned Showboat Casino in Atlantic City suffered a recent setback when it was fined $20,000 for permitting underage gamers to play at their blackjack tables. The legal age for gambling in the state of Nevada is 21 and the casino was noted to have permitted three players aged 16 to 20 to place bets on blackjack games.

This Atlantic City casino was fined for two counts of underage gambling and reports estimate that the casino has allowed several underage gamblers to play at their tables. The first count involved three players under the age of 21, one being 16 years of age; all three players bought chips and began to play blackjack. It was only after a few hands that it was noted that they were too young. A few days later, the second incident occurred, when a 19 year old played for over an hour at the blackjack tables before he was found out by a cocktail waitress who thought to check his ID.

And if not being able to discern a 16 year old for an adult player and permitting underage gambling was not a big enough black mark against the Showboat Casino, the casino was also accepting players who had placed themselves on the New Jersey self-exclusion list. All the winnings were then forfeited to the state.

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