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Newest Las Vegas Blackjack Casino Launches

January 8th, 2011 by Site Admin

The Cosmopolitan Casino of Las Vegas is quickly regaining the reputation it lost owing to rumors of bad blackjack games. The latest casino to be established in Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan got its license from the Nevada Gaming commission just a few months back, after an exhaustive investigation. The construction work of this casino, which is worth $3.9 billion, began several years ago and slowed down because of the economic recession, owing to which it could be inaugurated just last week.

Shortly before its launch, rumors began flying around gaming forums and blogs that the casino offered only 6:5 payouts on natural blackjacks, which is much less that the Vegas 3:2 standard. The rumors, however, were proved to be false on opening night when blackjack fans learned that the casino offered 6:5 payouts only on single-deck blackjack game, while all multi-deck blackjack variants such as Blackjack Switch, Blackjack, and Spanish 21 were played as per standard rules. Besides, the casino’s high-limit room has double-deck blackjack.

The Cosmopolitan Casino, therefore, has started well despite these rumors by purchasing the best dealers from popular Las Vegas Casinos such as Wynn Las Vegas. It also has a comps program similar to the loyalty schemes at online casinos.

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