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Trucker Invents Device to Prevent Card Counting at Blackjack Tables

September 13th, 2011 by Site Admin

Card counting> is one of the most effective techniques at winning at the blackjack table and as a result casino owners are always on the look out to spot counters. Clever card counters can be the bane of the existence of Blackjack casino owners – especially if they are skilled blackjack players armed with big bankrolls.

Truck driver John Breeding seems to have found or rather invented the solution to the entire card counting dilemma. Called the Shuffle Master, this device has been specially designed to prevent card counting by shuffling the cards between the games of blackjack. This device has now been met with approval and is being implemented in casinos in Nevada – much to the relief of casino owners.

Like the MIT blackjack team who cleaned out several blackjack casinos with their card counting skills before they were caught, there are still many blackjack players who pass under the radar as they are discreet with their card counting.

However, the Shuffle Master should stop even those smart blackjack players who have developed their own clever systems at dodging the Blackjack casino. The device also has a card recognition feature to cut down on errors while dealing.

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