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Don Johnson to Host $100,000 Winner Take All Tournament

September 8th, 2011 by Site Admin

Don Johnson is one of the most renowned names in the blackjack industry and is best known for winning millions of dollars at the blackjack tables.

This time, the player is back in the spotlight not for winning millions of dollars but for hosting a million dollar tournament.

This is a unique blackjack tourney that has been designed to be a winner take all event with a $100,000 prize. Don Johnson will be hosting the event during the month of September on the 2nd and the 3rd at the Tropicana Casino and Resort.

Tony Rodio, the president and CEO of the Tropicana Casino commented on the new tourney. “We’re thrilled to have Don host our $100,000 Winner-Take-All Blackjack Tournament on September 2 & 3. Since winning over $5 million at one of our blackjack tables himself, Don has become a celebrity over night since his big wins in AC. Now our customers have the opportunity to meet and play with or against him in this tournament.”

The event is an invitation only event but also gives a few lucky players the chance to participate.

To participate in the event, players will have to register for the free Diamond Club card that will be made available at the casino’s Promotions Booth on the 2nd of the month. The players with the Diamond Club card will then have to play in a qualifying round on the 2nd. The top 7 players will then progress to the main event.

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