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Littlewoods Casino Schedules Popular Blackjack Tourney

September 15th, 2011 by Site Admin

Blackjack players are sure to be looking forward to the upcoming weekend which is bank holiday, as it will give them an extended period to relax and try their luck at the tables. UK blackjack players who want to play online blackjack over the weekend should head over to the Littlewoods Casino and play their blackjack games.

What’s more, in addition to having an exciting array of blackjack games, the Littlewoods Casino will be hosting its monthly Blackjack Attack tourney on the 27th. In this tourney, players will have the opportunity to win prizes worth hundreds of pounds by simply playing blackjack. In total, the Littlewoods Casino will be giving away £2,605 worth of prizes to the first 50 players on the Blackjack Attack leaderboard.

The Blackjack Attack event has been set to go on for the entire day beginning at 00:00 GMT and finish at 23:59. Although the tourney is a 24 hour event, players will not have to play for the entire 24 hours. But instead will just have to play as long as they like and rake up as many points as they can during that period. In order to participate, players will have to make a deposit of at least £60 during the Blackjack Attack tournament hours.

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