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888 Casino Launches Double Take Blackjack

July 5th, 2011 by Site Admin

For those players looking to spend quality time at one the most desirable online blackjack gaming site, the 888 Casino with its new Blackjack Double Take offers might just be the one for you!

The Blackjack Double Take happens every Sunday and Wednesday and the game prizes can be equivalent to £1,000 for the participants each week. For those of you who love playing live dealer games, this is going to be extra special! This is not like any other blackjack game, as the site will have special rewards and bonuses popping up every now and then!

This exclusive blackjack promotion will be conducted at 888 Casino on Wednesday between six and eight in the evening and between five and eight in the evening on Sunday. The players just have to take part in the game.

In the Blackjack Double Take at 888 Casino, bonus cards equivalent to £25 each will be allotted into the decks arbitrarily. On striking a bonus card, you will get a £25 bonus. The game cannot get any simpler and the higher number of live dealer blackjack dealer games you play, the probability that you will win is higher. The promotions are such that, if you are the lucky one, there are no boundaries on how much you can win!

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