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Blackjack Dealers Get No Compensation after BP Oil Spill

January 12th, 2011 by Site Admin

Casinos based in and around the Gulf Coast area that was recently affected by the oil spill from a BP carrier, have been complaining about declining profits and the drop in the number of patrons that they are receiving. Blackjack dealers, croupiers and those employed in these casinos have also been affected as they are not getting any tips. As per the usual procedure of compensation given out to victims of an oil spill, companies have been known to pay out a small restitution to those affected in tune with the damages incurred.

Blackjack dealers have been strongly affected, as this is one sector of the casino floor where employees tend to rely on tips. However, after the British Petrol oil spill, many gamblers are staying away from this area and dealers as a result are getting no tips.

Brad McDonald, a dealer at the Hard Rock Casino in Mississippi, took this to a claim facility when he applied for restitution fro the company. His claims were denied along with those applications of several other casino workers on the basis that there was not enough proof of lost revenue.

McDonald on the other hand believes that the company is prejudiced. “Everybody who had the word ‘casino’ in their claims had their claims denied. It’s been extremely frustrating,” he said.

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