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Blackjack Players Become Careless With Children

September 20th, 2011 by Site Admin

Blackjack can be a very addicting game and some players forget what’s important. As a result of its strong appeal, many blackjack players lose their heads over the game and can neglect their other more important responsibilities.

Blackjack casinos are increasingly reporting incidents of negligent blackjack players who leave tier children dint he car while they go off to play a few rounds of blackjack.

The Parx Casino has reported several incidents of the sort beginning with blackjack player Paul Vargas, a 35 year old parent who left his two sons alone in his car parked in the casino’s empty parking lot while he went off to play blackjack. Although he had left a huge dog inside with the children to guard them and had only gone inside for ten minutes – he was arrested and had to serve two months in prison and pay a $300 fine. His bail was set at $250,000.

Two more incidents with different blackjack players were later reported by the same casino. Vargas advised other blackjack players to hire baby sitters before visiting a casino. It would be an even better idea for players to take care of their families and only play blackjack as entertainment.

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