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Effects of Card Counting and Technology on Blackjack

December 22nd, 2011 by Site Admin

Blackjack analysts at Ace Ten, a popular online blackjack site, concluded after a study that card counting and technology have impacted the game in a big way.

In the 1950s, casinos used one deck to play blackjack and card counting techniques were discovered around the same time although casinos did not realize that players had learned ways to beat the house.

Later, casinos learned to how to detect cheating methods such as marking cards. Since computers were not yet widely used in those days, casinos hardly bothered about card counting because they always felt that they had a definite advantage.

Card counting was a treasured secret, and players were careful about making it widely known because they did not want the casinos to get wise. They usually got away with it because casinos did not have the technology to detect card counters.

However, the scenario changed when a book on card counting was released in the mid-1960s. This book taught blackjack players how to use card counting techniques to bend the odds in their favor. Casinos then hit back by replacing single decks with multiple decks, beefing up casino security, and using the latest technology to detect card counting and cut casino losses.

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