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Murderer Kills Millionaire and Then Plays Blackjack

December 28th, 2011 by Site Admin

Most blackjack players will tell you that it is advisable to keep a cool head while playing blackjack and not to let your nerves get to you. However, no blackjack player ever had a head cooler than Ivgeny Vorobiov, who walked into a Port Perry casino and proceeded to take a seat at the blackjack tables, soon after he had shot down a man in cold blood.

Glen Davis, a millionaire and philanthropist, was the unfortunate victim of the killer.

Ivgeny Vorobiov played a number of hands of blackjack but incurred no serious win or loss and then left the casino, leaving the other players and dealer unaware that they had a hired killer amid them. Ivgeny Vorobiov had been hired by the victim’s cousin, Marshall Ross to murder Glen Davis. The motive for the murder was greed and Ross claimed that he was worried that Davis would spend all his money, leaving him a pittance for an inheritance.

Jesse Smith was an accessory to the crime and pleased guilty and served as a witness for both the culprits. Smith, who worked with the victim, was initially approached by Ross and Vorobiov to do the hit, but declined. Instead he served as the driver and was an accessory to the gruesome crime, after which both men played blackjack at the Port Perry casino.

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