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Blackjack Player Hits Bad Beat Jackpot Winning $52,600

February 7th, 2011 by Site Admin

The Barona Casino appears to be a good place to lose at the blackjack table as it has a generous bad beat jackpot. When a blackjack player who was the guest of the Barona Casino recently found himself come out as the loser after a particularly bad beat, he did not expect to win $52,600. However, much to his surprise, his blackjack loss triggered Barona’s Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive as soon as the dealer defeated him at the table with a 21 made from seven cards. The lucky blackjack player was just a hairsbreadth away from a win with a hand of 20 when he was trumped by the dealer. This is a great start for the player, especially in the New Year as he is $52,600 richer.

Mike Patterson, the VP of table games at the Barona Casino, commented on the win. “It is very exciting to start the New Year off with another big jackpot win. This blackjack progressive was installed just a few weeks ago and we’ve already paid out more than $137,000 to several lucky winners. Not to mention the $100,000 ginormous Bad Beat Poker Jackpot hit last week and the nearly $600,000 Marilyn Monroe slot machine jackpot a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

To be a part of the Barona’s Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive, a player only has to wager $1 to $5 as a side bet while playing at the table.

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