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Arizona Blackjack Dealer Walks 850 Miles to Pay Tribute to the Trail of Tears

February 5th, 2011 by Site Admin

Ron Cooper, who until a few months ago, was a skilled blackjack croupier working in a reputed casino, has decided to leave his job, home and family to set out on along 850 mile walk in an effort to pay tribute to the Trail of Tears.

Cooper is doing this is an effort to remind people about the horrific genocide that took place along the northern trail when thousands of Native Americans were forced out of their lands and driven northwards. Over 4000 men, women and children perished along that route from starvation and exposure and the Trail of Tears is the name given to this arduous route.

Cooper is now walking northwards and plans to write a book about his experiences when he returns. “It’s my story, too…. but we all came out of it.” He also mentioned his regret that the Native Americans “don’t have a symbol like Martin Luther King Jr.”

Cooper plans to reach Oklahoma in May and then plans to get back to blackjack after his book is done. The ex blackjack dealer is now on a noble mission to make America sit back and realize the significance of what the Native American tribes had to go through.

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