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Bellagio Embezzler Spends $400k on Room Service for Private Blackjack

February 12th, 2011 by Site Admin

Authorities are currently investigating Marla Stevens, a blackjack player who stands accused of embezzling around $6 million. They are trying to verify if Stevens ran up a room-service bill of $400k by playing blackjack in her hotel room with a private dealer. Marla, who stayed with her husband in the Bellagio, has reportedly managed to spend $400k on room service alone. Investigators suspect that she used the funds to play private blackjack.

The Bellagio is a luxury hotel in Vegas, but considering that Stevens stayed in a fairly reasonably priced room which cost her around $600 per day; it is still unclear as to how she racked up such a high room service bill. While the hotel does not allow its guests to charge for items acquired from shops, entertainment venues such as blackjack parlors and casinos to their rooms, it only permits guests to charge for meals brought from certain restaurants. However, Marla could not have spent $400k on room service for food alone.

Robert Conley, a hotelier, voiced his opinion on the issue and stated that luxury hotels would provide a high roller customer almost everything he or she asked for, ranging from cosmeticians and prostitutes to a roulette table or sports point spreads. He also stated that a Las Vegas high roller can order a private blackjack or roulette table to their rooms and even run up a huge room service bill for it.

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