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Canadian Wins $21,000 Blackjack Lottery Prize

December 30th, 2010 by Site Admin

This week proved to be a very lucky one for Oneil Desrosiers, a resident of Hodgeville in Canada, as it made him $21,000 richer when he won a Blackjack lottery.

This blackjack lottery win was particularly noteworthy because it was Oneil Desrosiers first win on his second ticket. Reportedly, Desrosiers has only purchased two blackjack tickets so far; the winning ticket was a $2 blackjack lottery tickets from EMTA Agencies.

“This was only the second Scratch ‘n’ Win ticket I have ever bought. The clerk was filling the display board and asked me if I wanted one, so I bought it,” Desrosiers commented. After checking his ticket, Desrosiers took it back into the store and had the clerk look at it.

When it went through the lottery terminal it was found to be a winner by the clerk. “He told me, ‘you’d better sit down and I will tell you a joke,’ because we joke together all the time. When he told me I had won, I got so excited that I left the store without my hat, my cup and the ticket, and went home to get my wife. She thought I was joking, since I do joke a lot,” said Desrosiers as he described the incident.

Oneil Desrosiers will share his winnings with his wife who plans on getting her home renovated and her kitchens done. Mrs. Desrosiers will be spending some money on new kitchen cabinets and on redoing the Desrosiers residence. Reports state that Desrosiers promised his wife ‘a good Christmas’ and indeed, if $21,000 and new cabinets have anything to say about it – it is certain to be one.

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