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Seminole Hollywood Casino Now Offering $5 Blackjack

August 19th, 2010 by Site Admin

When the Seminole casinos noticed the popularity of Broward’s offered $5 electronic blackjack via its pari-mutuels, they decided to provide their players with something similar.

As a result they came up with $5 blackjack games that are sure to be a big hit with players. These $5 blackjack games will be hosted at the Hollywood Classic Casino, run by the Tribes and will commence this Friday on the 20th.

Robert Dearstine, Director of marketing for the Seminole Casino Hollywood commented on this new project saying, “Our primary market is south Broward and Miami Dade counties where casinos can only offer so-called virtual blackjack. We believe that live games at the low limit of $5 will be a tremendous selling point for this property.”

Gaming companies like Miami-Dade and Broward enjoyed a lot of popularity when they installed virtual video blackjack games at their sites. Although the state law stipulates that the Seminoles have a monopoly on live blackjack games based on their five year contract, Broward has been permitted to run these blackjack games under the category of slots since the use RNG software.

Now that the Seminoles have launched $5 blackjack, the playing field is even.

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