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Atlantic City Blackjack Dwindles Away

August 16th, 2010 by Site Admin

Blackjack does not seem to be thriving in New Jersey, and more specifically in Atlantic City. The region has seen a lot of job cuts and downsizing since the recession and its blackjack tables appear to be one of the most effected sectors in the gaming industry. According to recent reports, the Atlantic Cape Community College which offers blackjack dealer courses has now taken to trying to attract students from out of state. The reason for this being that Atlantic City no longer has enough of a blackjack industry to support these dealers. The demand is down in the AC Casinos and while roulette croupiers and blackjack dealers are being hired by the dozen in the new casinos in Pennsylvania, there appears to be no place for them in Atlantic City.

Earlier reports indicated that blackjack players were dissatisfied with the blackjack tables and games offered by the AC casinos, which had increased the casino’s edge for these games, making it harder for players to win these games. The AC casinos also removed blackjack tables, closed some during the day time and replaced many with slot machines.

All this led to a decrease in blackjack player traffic, and now educational institutions offering blackjack dealer courses and gaming workshops find themselves with very few takers in New Jersey.

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