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Professional Blackjack Player Is Winning Because of Card Counting

August 20th, 2010 by Site Admin

Daniel Dravot is a real estate developer turned professional blackjack player, who knows how to count cards and win blackjack games. Dravot is also the author of the blackjack guide titled “The Color of Blackjack” which describes card counting methods and instructs players on how to do so in such a manner as to ensure winning. The book discusses a new system of counting cards which Dravot believes is best suited to the average player.

Now a professional player, Dravot first made his career in real estate but soon retired when he sensed an impending market collapse. After enjoying a bit of a quiet retirement, Dravot got into the blackjack industry as a professional player and began traveling all around the country. Unlike many blackjack players who pick up an interest for the game when they play it, Dravot got interested in blackjack when he first learned about card counting techniques.

Dravot spends a large portion of his time moving from casino to casino, increasing his bankroll by playing blackjack for more than 250 days per year. He does get barred from some casinos when he is found to be counting cards, but since it is just frowned upon and is in no way illegal, Dravot is well within his rights to make money this way.

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