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Colorado Blackjack Drops in Revenue, Despite New Laws

August 23rd, 2010 by Site Admin

Colorado has more than 40 reputed casinos in three of its towns, most of which supply blackjack games and poker games. Recent reports reveal that these casinos are dropping in revenue despite hosting $5 blackjack games and following new table limits of $100. The Colorado casinos have also been adding to their table game selections but show a marked decline from 2009 to 2010. Their profits last month were recorded at $70.1 million while last year, the casinos were at a high of $76 million. Expectations were high when the authorities allowed for round the clock gaming and higher table limits but none of this has improved the revenue.

A good many of these casinos have been in operation since the year 1991, when limited gaming was allowed and casinos were permitted to operate a few hours in the day and could only carry slots, poker and blackjack. Today, the number of casinos has increased, and most of them operate throughout the day 24/7. However, despite the change in gaming policy, increase in casinos and blackjack games, the casinos in Colorado appear to be on a decline. The casinos do show a small change when reports were made this month, and profits were reported to show more than a 13 percent increase.

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