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Kohara Naoki Wins Blackjack South Pacific Championship

December 23rd, 2010 by Site Admin

Just as the poker industry has poker champions and poker tournaments the game of blackjack also has its own set of competitions and blackjack champions. One such blackjack tournament is the Tinian Blackjack Championship which takes place twice a year and attracts players from all over the South Pacific. This year’s event was won by Kohara Naoki, a skilled blackjack player from Japan who attended the event held at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino, based in the Mariana Islands.

The blackjack tournament went on for a couple of days and ended on Sunday; the blackjack South Pacific championship was eventually won by Kohara Naoki who took in prize money worth $68,000 when he came in at first place. This is a good amount of prize money for a blackjack tourney, especially since it is a bi-annual gathering. Over a hundred blackjack players participated in the event held at the Tinian Dynasty Casino; the tournament featured three blackjack sessions on Saturday and all the games used eight standard decks and two shoes. This particular feature made it difficult for anyone with card counting skills to get away with anything. The semifinal event was held on Sunday and was attended by 49 players with each player having $3,000 to begin. This wound down to six players of which Naoki triumphed.

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