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Daily Beast Posts Article About Blackjack Cheaters Ball

September 10th, 2015 by Site Admin

American news website The Daily Beast has published an article this week regarding one of their reporters, who was invited to a secret gambling ball, which is dubbed “The Art of Cheating”.

Author Nina Strochlic wrote the piece, noting that she was invited to the ball, which teaches novices some of the ins and outs of cheating at various casino games. Strochlic ended getting to play blackjack with Rick Blaine, who was named the world’s best blackjack player and gave some of his insights into counting cards to gain an advantage over the house.

Blaine said that he works as part of a team and travels to various locations using fake names and disguises to throw off security teams. He revealed that he picks games with advantageous rules and then begins betting small until the count turns in his favor, where he then disguises his bets to grow wagers so he can take the casino to the cleaner.

Blaine said that he has grown good at knowing how to avoid suspicion from the tight security, noting that he has never been kicked out of a casino in his career, saying that he lays low to avoid suspicion.

“The casinos are very hip to (counting). You have to camouflage a big play in various ways,” Blaine told Strochlic. “Most card counters play consistent, predictable, they’re like robots. I try to use instincts when I sense I’m being watched. I hit them big, get out of there, and they just think I got lucky.”

Those interested in reading the article in full can do so here.

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