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Buddhist Monk Arrested for Stealing $150,000 to Play Blackjack

September 24th, 2015 by Site Admin

Last week a Buddhist monk was arrested in New York, accused of stealing $150,000 from his group to play blackjack.

Khang Nguyen Le was arrested at Laguardia Airport last week after he was accused of stealing the large sum of cash from the Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Southwest Louisiana. Le was reportedly heading to the casino every few days, spending $10,000 on every trip to fuel his habit.

In an effort to keep his congregation from knowing his secret, Le traveled to the casino incognito and hid out in the corners of the location so that nobody would spot him. The indictment for the defendant revealed this tactic, noting: “Le stated that he always went to the casino alone to prevent members of the Buddhist community from knowing what he was doing,” court papers state. It was his practice to gamble in deserted spots in the casino to not be spotted by members of the congregation.”

Le remained in jail as of press time, although his attorney was hoping his client would be able to come home.

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