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What to Do if Blackjack Dealers Tip Their Cards

May 9th, 2014 by Site Admin

John Grochowski, who writes a weekly column on gambling for Chicago Sun-Times, is of the opinion that blackjack players aren’t wrong if they can see a dealer’s hole card. If a dealer tips his/her card so that players at certain table positions can see it, the player can use the information. Grochowski feels that it is responsibility of the pit boss, the dealer, and surveillance room staff to make sure that players cannot see the hole cards.

While admitting that he has never met dealers who habitually reveal their cards, he said that players are not in the wrong if they use this information. For instance, if a player gets 16 while a dealer has an exposed 10 and a face-down 6, he/she might as well stand and let the dealer bust.

Grochowski is not the only blackjack player having this opinion. A player said that, if he comes across a dealer tipping cards, he will use the information. According to this player, it is the casino’s job to correct the situation.

A former manager of table games said that the casino would like it if players alert them, but no player can be expected to do that as players tend to “take what you give them.”


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