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Macau Blackjack Dealers Complain of Abuse

May 7th, 2014 by Site Admin

Macau’s casino gaming industry has been a roaring success, attracting a larger number of high rollers every year. But the blackjack dealers are far from happy. More and more of them are complaining of getting physically and verbally abused by gamblers.

Today, Macau is one of the major gambling destinations of the world, generating more revenue than Las Vegas. In 2013, the gambling city beat Las Vegas by generating as much as $45 billion in gambling revenues. Macau could become so successful because of its ability to attract rich businessmen from all over Asia.

Since Asian high rollers bet outrageously large sums of money, they are pampered by Macau casinos and treated to a wide range of freebies such as free flights, free meals, free accommodation, and unlimited credit. They are also permitted to behave as they like at the gaming tables. The croupiers have to suffer as a result of this.

Jose Pereira Coutinho, a legislator, is now urging the Macau government to pass proper laws for the protection of croupiers from abusive behavior. He says that these laws should also prevent casinos from firing croupiers who complain against wealthy gamblers as croupiers have the right to work without getting abused.

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