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Casino Player Attacked and Robbed of Blackjack Winnings

January 10th, 2014 by Site Admin

A 38-year-old casino player who was robbed and shot at thrice after winning big money at Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia is now in a critical condition.

The player had won around $4,000 at the casino playing blackjack and left the casino at around 11:30 p.m. A group of men followed him home in a van and kidnapped him at gunpoint when he got out of his car at Bernard Street in Southwest Philadelphia.

According to the police, the group taped his hands and feet, beat him up, and drove him to an unknown destination. Later, they robbed him of the $3,800 he had won at the casino, shot him thrice in the back and legs, and abandoned him in the snow near Summerdale Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia.

Stating that the victim is in an extremely critical condition, Chief Inspector Scott Small said that he has been beaten in the face. He also said, “We know that at least six shots were fired from a large caliber semi-automatic handgun.”

The police are currently using all the resources available to investigate the case and nab the culprits. They are now using the casino’s security footage to find out if the victim was being watched in the casino.

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