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Toronto Casino Faces Opposition from Toronto Workers’ Union

April 10th, 2013 by Site Admin

Casino operators in Toronto are set to face stiff opposition from CUPE Local 79 who have decided to voice their opposition against all Casinos. Based on stats from CUPE Local 79 more than 67% of its members were against the idea of having Casinos in Toronto.

CUPE Local 79 plays an influential role in Toronto by providing a number of services to the community. Hence, local authorities will take the views of the group seriously. In a statement, CUPE Local 79 President Tim Maguire said “CUPE Local 79 is concerned about a casino’s negative impacts on Toronto communities. Our members are front-line community workers in a city that’s already struggling under a social infrastructure deficit. We are worried that the social impacts of a casino could overwhelm Toronto’s already strained social support system. We’ve seen no convincing arguments to prove a casino will provide a net benefit for Toronto communities.”

One of the main reasons as to why the group opposes the introduction of Casinos in Toronto, is because it believes that it will have a direct affect on both poverty and crime. Over 81% of its members said that poverty would be a direct result as members of the community would lose money in the Casino and 82% said that crime rates will increase due to frequent losses of the Casino’s patrons.



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