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Nevada’s Approves First Online Gambling License

April 8th, 2013 by Site Admin

A few days back, the state of Nevada confirmed that it had approved its first even online license to 888, a U.K. company which means it is not authorized to officially operate a number of online poker games in the state. This move is seen as a positive step by the online community as it will slowly bring back online gambling to America.

It was way back in 2006, when the online gaming industry was banned in the United States and anyone found playing online poker could be booked under a felony act, depending on which state they were from and what law was currently in place.

Now, the nation is looking to form a new federal legislation that would result in a different set of rules being established that would govern online gambling all across the nation. The online gambling industry is huge and the amount of revenue that it can generate is extremely high. Hence, a lot of the gambling providers are eagerly waiting to see how America will formulate its policies with regards to online gambling.

In the coming weeks, other states across the nation, will release information with regards to their stance and legislation being passed on the online gaming community.

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