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Las Vegas Casino Customer Shot Dead

November 7th, 2013 by Site Admin

A casino customer was shot dead and a couple of unarmed guards were wounded at a night club on the Las Vegas Strip.

Reportedly, Frazier came to Drai’s night club and asked if he could check out the place before paying the cover fees. The guard agreed and let him in. Frazier returned after a short time and got into an argument with the guard. The argument became heated and Frazier produced a gun and shot the guard. He also shot another security guard who tried to stop him when he tried to get away. This was when the customer jumped on Frazier and wrestled with him. Frazier then shot the customer dead.

Frazier, aged 41, was once convicted in 1996 for assault with deadly weapons at a local nightclub. Last year, he beat up the bartender of a strip casino and got arrested for it.

Doug Gillespie, sheriff of Clark County, called the customer who died “a good Samaritan” as his attempts to subdue Bejamin Frazier, the chief accused in the case, saved other customers from being injured or killed. The customer’s name is not yet known. The sheriff also said that the Las Vegas Strip is still safe and secure.

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