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What to Do When the Dealer Shows an Ace

December 27th, 2012 by Site Admin

A number of blackjack players choose to either purchase insurance or take even money whenever the dealer shows an ace. According to blackjack experts, both are not wise moves to make even f players have a blackjack. This is because the deck comprises 31 percent 10-point cards such as tens, queens, kings, and jacks, which means that the chances of the dealer not getting a blackjack are about 69%.

Players should also remember that if they have one card of value 10 and if they see a few other 10-point cards on the blackjack table, the chances are higher that the dealer does not have a blackjack. In this case, players must refrain from purchasing insurance or taking even money because they stand a better chance of getting a payout of 3 – 2.

If players get an 18-point card against a dealer’s face card, they had better pull out their bet. The strongest hands are the 20-point cards. For example, if players have two 10-point cards against a dealer’s face-up card, they are bound to make some money. About 70% of a player’s overall winnings at the blackjack table come from a pair of tens and a combination of ace and ten.

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