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North Carolina Hosts Unique Blackjack Themed Run

December 30th, 2012 by Site Admin

The Fletcher Community Park was recently host to one of the most unique runs in the history of the state of North Carolina, for it featured a run themed on the game of blackjack. This was no ordinary run which featured a few graphics or branding themed on the game of blackjack, instead it was a run and a blackjack game combined.

The game was a Blackjack 5K event and featured a run of Foot Rx Running; what must be noted is that the event was not a race but a run, as it would not be the fastest participant at the run who took home the blackjack prize money – but rather the runner with the hand of blackjack.

The Blackjack 5K run took place on the 15th of December at Fletcher Community Park, which is known to be a special place for walkers and runners. The event was hosted by Foot Rx Running, a company that is known to host fun races and such events throughout the year to promote its products and branding.

To participate in the event, runners paid $10 as an entry fee for each person. Participants were all given one playing card each soon after registration; then a second card was dealt to these players half way through the run. Players then only had to reach the finish line and had the option to stand or take a third card before completion.


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