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Ronald Page Gets Sentenced For Spending Over $1.5 Million At Blackjack Tables

July 13th, 2012 by Site Admin

Ronald Page thought he got lucky back in 2009, when a computer error resulted in him being able to withdraw huge sums of money from ATMs located at three Detroit casinos. Page, a former GM employee, figured out a way to withdraw huge sums of money from his ATM.

During a 14 day span managed to withdrawn more than $1.5 million. He then went straight to the Blackjack tables and played non-stop, sometimes for periods ranging between 24-36 hours. While, he managed to win huge sums of cash at the Blackjack tables, he also lost heavily. In the end, he spent all his cash and was left with nothing.

His crime finally caught up with him, when earlier this week, a federal judge in Detroit sentenced Ronald Page to 15 months in prison and asked him to payback the Bank of America from his pension.

Richard Morgan Jr. of Pontiac, the lawyer of Page said “It was like giving a junkie crack cocaine. He is now a broken and lost man who has to deal with the rest of his life of attempting to pay back a sum of money that is nearly impossible to pay back”.

The reason Page walked away with only a 15 month sentence is because the court determined that part of the problem was due to the glitch caused by Bank of America’s computer system.

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