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Blackjack Expert Offers Advanced Training Modules

July 10th, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack Expert is an innovative game and testing tool. The software has been designed to teach both beginners and advanced players how to test their decisions, check their actions, index plays, bet sizes, and insurance.

Users will also be able to learn how to count cards and gain much needed experience as they pit themselves against the computer or go through the various modules that help them improve and gain the knowledge they need to win at live Blackjack tables.

Blackjack Expert has a number of modules that cover a wide variety of topics. Some of these modules include Play Mode which allows the users to play the game of Blackjack where the computer acts as an opponent, users will be able to test themselves on correct bets, actions, insurance and index plays; Memorize Mode which shows an empty blackjack strategy table and allows you to fill in the correct plays one cell at a time. If you get it wrong, you are immediately notified and the error is highlighted; Action Mode which allows you to create and modify your own action table.

The Blackjack Expert software is loaded with a number of advanced features that will teach users how to master all aspects of card counting. Apart from teaching you card counting strategies; Blackjack Expert is also an incredible software that allows you to play the game and have a continuous learning experience.

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